Our Solutions

Consulting, training and specialized technical services to help managers build agility and develop measurable, sustainable systems of production across industries. From business process analysis and optimization, to data science and software engineering, to team structure and people management. We combine proven and effective management techniques with careful analysis of financial, human, and matériel resources. Constant study and a focus on transparency guide us in our daily work.

Business Management

Continuity Management, Support for Remote Work

Recent global events have highlighted the need for continuity planning and the need for organizations to be adaptable in the face of uncertainty. Drastic changes can be forced upon organizations giving them little time to prepare. We offer specialized consulting packages for firms planning continuity, we help our clients with the challenges of people management and we help them find and develop innovative technical solutions, no matter where their workforce is located.

Agility and Managing Knowledge Workers

Agility is a mindset and an elusive but measurable outcome of carefully managed, empowered knowledge work. We don’t rely on rigid frameworks. Our approach helps clients focus on outcomes and appreciate agility as a mindset. We help organizations balance the need for process with the need for constant experimentation and adaptation, harnessing the value of emergent processes. Contact us for details regarding consulting and training focused on agility and managing knowledge workers.

Digital Transformation, Business Systems and Analytics

We plan cost-effective and agile digital transformations across industries, leveraging our technical and managerial expertise. We offer a wide range of services and consulting including market research, statistical analysis, pricing, organizational culture analysis, emergent process discovery and analysis, process modelling, monitoring and optimization, RPA, optimization of ERP and CRM systems, decision support, strategy analysis and specialized financial analysis for innovative technical projects.

Data Science and Analytics Translation

Advanced Analytics and Data Visualization

Our services include advanced statistical analysis and data processing, data visualization, design and communication, survey design and analysis, market research, process analysis, business intelligence and more. We offer practical data engineering and data science support for research institutions. We cover all data needs, from one-off analytics projects to engineering end to end analytical systems, leveraging our experience across several industries.

Analytics Translation and Transformation

We provide specialized consulting, training and fractional leadership to help firms implement data-driven transformations. Analytics translation is the practice of guiding the implementation of data science efforts and making sure that every member of the value production chain can benefit from an investment in analytics. Translators help decision makers and analysts understand results and requirements, ask the right questions and put their analytical work in context.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

We design and develop machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions and we provide specialized consulting for clients investing in ML and AI or building solutions in-house. Typical time to production for enterprise ML solutions is between 8-12 months. We can help with AI projets including systems automation and intelligent decision support systems. Contact us to learn more.

Data Science Workflows and Environments

Whether they have a mature data science practice or are just starting to integrate analytics, we help analysts and engineers build and optimize technical workflows and environments. We help managers make organizational changes to incrementally build agile, measurable processes for analytics that get results to stakeholders quickly.

Optimizing Information Management

We’ve developed an information management consulting package specifically for large organizations or growing SMEs. We provide technical and organizational analysis, make recommendations aimed at optimizing information management for transparency, agility, stakeholder feedback loops, automation, privacy, securit and routine decision-making. We then help clients follow through with transformations.

Training and Coaching

Practical analytics and data culture training for executives, managers and staff, from early adoption to advanced analytics, with outcomes for day-to-day operations. We offer specialized coaching for managers supervising analytics or ML projects, implementing data-driven transformations or incorporating analytics into their own decision making. We also offer advanced training and coaching for agile analytics and machine learning, geared towards technical staff.

Industry 4.0

Preventive Logistics, Smart Warehouses and Transportation

We help clients across industries design, implement and maintain smart management systems for warehouse movement and transportation. Focusing on agility, we help clients implement resilient preventive logistics systems tailored to their needs, incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Industrial Analytics, CPS and Digital Twin

We support our clients through every step of the digitalization and virtualization process and facilitate the integration of advanced management and monitoring systems in production centers at every level. Our approach helps clients ensure that their investments are sustainable and appropriate for their needs. We accompany firms as they adopt, integrate and maintain cyber physical systems and digital twin virtualizations for the management of smart production.

Sustainable Production and Reducing of Consumption

Our approach to production optimization can be applied to hardware, software, and services. Through diligent monitoring and careful data analysis, we guide clients towards more sustainable approaches to production and help them discover and implement new ways of reducing consumption, across industries.

Smart Maintenance

Guiding clients as they invest in smart maintenance solutions, we help assess and implement CMMS based on cost, integration with existing systems and many other important factors. Applying our agile approach to the management of smart maintenance, we help clients cut upfront costs and ensure that their investment, not only of financial resources but also in terms of organizational change, remains sustainable.

Analysis and Budgeting for Digitalization

We help our clients perform preliminary analysis and feasibility studies for digitalization projects. Digital transformation goes far beyond updating tools to support existing processes. Careful planning and analysis are essential. A well-executed, agile digital transformation plan is key if firms are to successfully adopt new processes and advanced systems.

EU Project Management and Writing

We offer project-writing and analysis for technical innovation projects, for organizations that intend to seek funding from European Union programs or through national and regional state financing. We rely on our expertise in technical innovation, analytics, project planning and management to add value throughout the entire project development process.

Retail Management

Management Software, ERP and CRM

We help clients evaluate, select and implement software systems based on their business needs and objectives. Implementing new software systems in retail can be risky. Common errors include not accounting for hidden adoption costs and neglecting to ensure that a new system is sufficiently flexible to accommodate your agility and future needs. We leverage our technical and managerial expertise to help clients make the right choices for their business.

Digitalization and Innovation in Retail

We share our technical expertise and experience to develop and execute digitalization projects: from innovative POS systems, to AR/VR solutions, to real-time analytics. However, our approach to digital transformation doesn’t start with technology. We believe in sustainable and measured improvement for progressive, continuous transformation. We help clients make conscious decisions based on their needs, based on analysis of performance, feasibility and financial resources.

Analytics, Dashboards and Customer Experience

We give clients access to actionable insights for decision making by helping them collect, analyze, visualize and interpret key data. We implement data systems and analytics dashboards that integrate with all key business processes. Our approach helps clients monitor customer experience end to end across channels and helps them identify trends in purchasing behavior, study client sentiment and satisfaction and make projections for logistics, expansion, advertising and inventory optimization.

Software Projects

Design and Development of Data-Intensive Systems

Our experience with data science and data engineering spans several industries from bioinformatics, to finance. We help clients build data-intensive systems for machine learning and advanced analytics applications, monitoring and reporting, artificial intelligence and IoT.

Software Projects Feasibility Studies and Budgeting

Modelling the cost of software projects is challenging; traditional methods for financial analysis and budgeting have not necessarily caught up with modern, agile software project management. We help our clients evaluate upfront costs, model cash flows and assess the feasibility of modern software projects. We develop budgeting strategies that maximize value production, avoid conflicts between technical and non-technical stakeholders and enable, rather than constrain, agile design and development.

DevOps Solutions

We help clients optimize how their software systems are developed, deployed and monitored. Automated testing, CI/CD systems, real-time monitoring and analytics, virtualization and containerization are all part of a safety net that can enable agile development, where experimentation and rapid iteration can take pride-of-place. We implement DevOps solutions and we provide training in DevOps practice and culture, helping managers implement transformations at any level.

Consulting for Agile Software Teams

We help software teams build empowered and cross-functional units, balancing the need for process with constant experimentation and adaptation. Our approach helps organizations avoid the pitfalls of rigid frameworks. We help organizations foster agility throughout the value production chain. Contact us to learn more about organizational and technical consulting, fractional leadership, and on-site or remote training and coaching for agile development.

Process Automation

We help our clients with RPA and other process automation tasks, leveraging our business expertise and our experience building machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions across industries. Prioritizing assistive AI, we build agile automation solutions for clients and help managers integrate automation, monitoring and adaptive feedback loops for continuous improvement, to optimize business processes.

Startups and Private Equity

Business Development and Strategy

We help startups grow by analyzing and developing their business models, supporting them with our experience as they scale up. For new ventures, we help founders develop their business plan, modeling growth, expenses and cashflows. We also offer a low-cost business model/business plan “clinic” with rapid turnaround for managers who want a second opinion. Contact us to learn more.

Preparatory Due Diligence for Startups and SMEs

For startups and SMEs, we offer a preparatory, “mock” due diligence package geared towards improving the organization, internal processes and technical infrastructure. We identify red flags for potential investors, make recommendations and help clients avoid bottlenecks that could impede future growth.

Technical and Organizational Due Diligence for Investors, M&A

For investors preparing to finance startups and SMEs or for M&A, we offer several tiers of organizational and technical due diligence. Typically, we focus on business process assessment, decision making, technical due diligence for software development, data science and data management, technical infrastructure, cloud, security and assessments of technical leadership. We help our clients identify the organizational and technical strengths and weaknesses of potential investments or acquisitions.

Agility and Lean Management

We help startups become agile organizations that can scale effectively, and balance the need for process with empowerment, constant experimentation and adaptation. We help founders and managers keep their startups lean post-round and focus on value production. For technology-focused startups, we offer a specialized consulting package to help get agile design and development efforts up and running with minimal overhead. Contact us for more information about training, agile and lean management consulting and fractional leadership.

Your Partner in Innovation

We offer our partners our unique experience and our deep technical and managerial knowledge. This includes our capabilities in data science and analytics, people management and project management and analysis. We support our partners as they undertake innovative initiatives supported by EU, state or regional funding. Uipple greatly values collaboration with third-sector organizations and social enterprise. Contact us to discuss a potential partnerhip in one of the following areas.

Training, consulting and innovative solutions to facilitate remote work and agile management.

Technical, economic and environmental sustainability.

Digital process transformation and optimization for Industry 4.0

Social impact analysis and local development projects.

Innovative third-sector, public sector and private sector projects supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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