About Us

Uipple was founded by consultants with backgrounds in science and engineering. When a client brings us a problem, we use the scientific method to guide our reasoning, and we build pragmatic solutions.

Our mission is to improve the practice of management, by focusing on data and empirical methods, by empowering the individuals that drive value creation, and through sustainable outcomes - for our clients, our community, our environment.

Our Values

We endeavour to support sustainable progress, by sharing our technical and managerial expertise.

The Scientific Method and Objectivity

Integrity and Respect

Mindfulness and Sustainability

Outcome and Action Orientation

Our Work

Work is the principal mechanism of growth and advancement in our societies and organizations. We believe that the impact of work on people's lives, their happiness, their sense of realization and satisfaction, is fundamental and undeniable. We also believe that perceived challenges in the organization of work are nearly always hidden opportunities for growth and improvement, for all stakeholders. This is why we aim to improve the practice of management: the practice of directing and organizing work. We empower managers to make better decisions and guide value creation in their organizations. From process optimization, to data analysis, to people management, our mission is to help managers create transparent, measurable, systems of production that are sustainable, in every sense, for all stakeholders: from consumers, to employees, to shareholders, to our environment and our communities.

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