Q1 / 2021

Our featured solutions this quarter, based on the biggest challenges our clients are facing.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Handling emergency situations requires rapid responses from management, plans need to be adapted to survive contact with reality. Firms can benefit from fostering an agile mindset, choosing tools and processes to facilitate remote work where possible, and reorganizing production to meet the changing needs of all stakeholders. Every change can represent an opportunity for growth, and in adapting to the unexpected firms often uncover more sustainable strategies, and new opportunities.

Credit: RML-NIAID - Sars-Cov-2, Transmission electron microscopy. [License][Source]

Data Science

Data science relies on experiment-driven workflows that can be facilitated by modular, scalable, and transparent data management infrastructure. Advanced analytics and statistical consulting, machine learning, data systems engineering, and specialized organizational consulting, are just a few of the ways that we support data science efforts. Uipple has unique experience in managing, designing and building data-intensive applications across industries, from bioinformatics to finance, and taking analytics efforts to production. Our agile approach reduces initial costs, and we engage in close collaboration with our clients to build solutions that are resource-efficient and tailored to their needs.

Industry 4.0

Uipple helps clients with industrial digital transformation on any scale. Real-time analytics and monitoring, automated systems and assistive AI are driving the optimization of production processes, supply chains, and quality control. Industry 4.0 is all about the data. The progressive integration of management and monitoring systems allow for an agile, sustainable, and financially viable transformation with continuous validation of key outcomes.

Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturing infrastructure is being transformed by cyber-physical systems. Our approach to smart manufacturing is based on the analysis of production environments via digital twin modelling. Industrial infrastructure is virtualized as a vast network of heterogeneous systems that communicate bidirectionally, sharing sensor data and the output of control algorithms that regulate the production environment. Benefits include the rapid detection and correction of anomalies, fine-grained control over every step of the manufacturing process and the ability to reorganize production and apply preventive logistics.

Software Project Management

We help clients plan and execute successful software projects by leveraging diverse technical and managerial capabilities. An agile culture can help developers and managers run economically and technically sustainable software projects. Budgeting and cash-flow analysis for agile projects can be challenging, and maintaining agility requires diligent management of the knowledge workers critical to value production.

Retail Management

The exponential pace of technological innovation has brought the retail industry into a new era. This revolution has given us customer experience analysis, profiling and real-time recommendations, innovative POS systems like cashier-less checkout, and sophisticated revenue modelling and efficiency optimization tools. With the right skills, every step of the customer journey can be monitored, analyzed and optimized to respond to consumer needs and changes in the market.

Due Diligence & Fundraising

For investors, we offer organizational due diligence and business process assessment, technical due diligence including software development, data science and data management, infrastructure, and technical leadership. For startups and SMEs, we offer a preparatory "mock" due diligence geared towards improving the organization and identifying red flags for potential investors, and bottlenecks that could impede future growth.

Analytics Translation

Analytics translators guide the implementation of data science efforts, and make sure that every member of the value production chain can benefit from an investment in analytics. We help firms implement data-driven transformations at the organizational level. Translators help decision makers and analysts understand results and requirements, ask the right questions, and put their analytical work in context.

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